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Importance of Corporate Health Packages

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Human resource is the strength of any organization, whether small or large. The success of any enterprise depends upon the productivity and competence of its workforce. It is very important to keep employees happy and healthy for the prosperity of an organization. This encouraged the MNCs to start corporate health packages for the well-being of their human population. Now disease management plans and annual health check-ups for employees are part of most small, medium, and large enterprises.

Depiction of good mental health

A health package for employees plays a key role in maintaining a healthy and positive workplace. They help in creating a stable relationship between employees and employers. Annual health check-ups for employees have also been getting a lot of importance these days due to the alarmingly increasing rate of chronic diseases amongst corporate workers like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Corporate health packages benefit both employer and employee equally. On the one hand, they increase job satisfaction, decrease stress levels, and uplift employees’ morale. On the other hand, they help employers in building a better relationship with the workforce, increase retention rate and boost productivity. Employee medical check-up also assists in identifying hidden health issues that may have been negatively impacting the workplace’s positive energy.

Good Health Leads To Productivity

The American Institute for Stress finds workplace stress is one of the nation’s leading health challenges. This can negatively affect physical health, causing employees to stay home from work or come in and spread their germs in the office, while also decreasing efficiency. Strong medical, ancillary, and wellness benefits help to keep a workforce healthy, reduce absenteeism and boost overall productivity. Moreover, providing health insurance to your team — and allowing employees to visit doctors when they are sick — is the right thing to do. Corporate health packages help identify diseases that could infect an employee in the future. Thus, proactive measures can be taken beforehand to prevent the disease or at least reduce its side effects. The employee also becomes well aware of what habits are adversely affecting his/her health because of a regular medical check-up. They also start following a healthier lifestyle. This, in turn, improves individuals’ productivity and, as a result, the total productivity of human resources of an organization also increases. 


Benefits Outweigh Salary. 

Today’s employment market is forcing companies to embrace increasingly competitive salaries to attract the best workers. A good corporate health package comes with many benefits like zero insurance premium, free gym membership and monthly visitations to health clinics of all varieties. These are regarded as additional benefits for employees and thus, make them feel important. Corporate health packages influence the loyalty of a company’s workforce. They help in raising the retention rate because employees are healthier and happier. Health packages are a way of showing that an organization cares for its workforce. Nonetheless, this is not the only part of the equation — business owners who pair competitive salaries with robust employee benefits package offerings (e.g., medical insurance, along with vision and dental benefits) continue to attract more job applicants. The Aflac Workforce Report found that 60% of employees would take a job with lower pay but better benefits, while 16% said they had left a job or turned down a job in the prior 12 months due to the benefits offered. Additionally, 42% of employees said employers making improvements to their benefits would be something positive they could do to keep them in their jobs. Employers that offer strong benefits programs paired with competitive salaries will find it easier to recruit and retain employees.

Less Absenteeism and Sick Leaves

An employee is regularly being checked under the corporate health packages. He/she gets a proper diet chart and tips on leading a healthy life.Increasing health risks for high blood glucose, increased cholesterol level, and high blood pressure is a major concern amongst employees, especially those who primarily have a desk job.Corporate health packages focus on recognising such threats and proposing healthy behaviors. This reduces the elevated health risks in employees. It also prevents the occurrence of life-threatening diseases like heart attack and cancer. A good health package helps an employee in maintaining a clean lifestyle. Any chances of future onset of diseases are identified early through employee medical check-up and treated beforehand. Thus, the frequency of sickness gets reduced to a great extent, and they take less sick or unplanned leaves. 

Keeping in mind the above factors, several corporate health packages have been offered by several organizations in the current scenario. They can be categorized as a pre-employment medical check-ups, continuous employee medical check-ups and surveillance, assessment of health risks, and vaccination programs. Corporate health packages are only beneficial if they are properly planned. A well-executed disease management plan impacts both the organization’s economic growth and the well-being of employees in a positive direction.


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