Functions of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) Bank

Curriculum vitae or CV is a Latin phrase. In English, it means the “course of life”. This is one of the basic requirements when you apply for a job. The CV is a document that contains and highlights your professional and academic record. Companies and hiring managers require every applicant to submit a CV during application. This gives the employer an overview of the applicant. The content of a CV usually contains the applicant’s details, work experience, awards, skills, projects, and accreditations.

Supreme Hiring is one of the US' most popular job boards. It has a built-in applicant tracking system and CRM software. Aside from its key feature as a hiring software, it is also a CV builder and CV bank. If you are a rookie or a fresh graduate and you have trouble building your CV, Supreme Hiring is here to guide you. Our job board software allows applicants to carefully tailor their CV. We ensure that every detail that needs to be present in your CV will not be overlooked. The CV template is an essential tool to build a CV that would stand out above the rest.

All details in your CV are important. In the present, most companies are using an online job board where CV search is easier and smarter. Hiring software has advanced search options where employers can just enter keywords and all CVs that matched it appears on the results page. Hence, if you are a job seeker, your CV should be precise and well-tailored. You should make sure that you used the right keywords so that there would be a high probability that your CV will be viewed by employers. This increases the job seeker’s chance to be reviewed and land the interview; eventually the job.

Using Supreme Hiring’s CV builder we guarantee that your CV will stand out as it is complete and accurate. Build an organized, creative, and professional CV that would catch every employer’s attention. The CV template is designed to improve the content of your CV and will make sure that you only provide the relevant details. A quality CV contains the exact keywords to increase the chance of landing a perfect position.

Once you are done building your CV, job recruitment websites will be able to view your CV. And this time, you have the confidence to post and submit it to your dream companies.

Functional CVs are trending right now. Unlike a traditional CV, most employers now in online job posting sites prefer organized and direct CVs. Due to time restraints, employers want direct content like what skills do you have. Thus, this is where highlighting comes. In building your CV, you need to have a summary where your best skills and accomplishments are found. Next, the lesser the better. Give only what is needed. If some details do not have any relevance with the position you are aspiring for, you do not need to put it. Then, research the keywords. In a full-online platform, the CRM automatically finds and matches the CVs. Use appropriate keywords that relate to the job.

Supreme Hiring provides job seekers an opportunity to build their CV in the best version. By this, just in a few clicks, you can post your CV, submit it, and wait for feedback. As they say, “the first impression lasts”. Start building your CV and put your best foot forward online, do it with us now!


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