Exploring Online Recruitment Software

Almost all companies are now implementing full-online systems in all their operations, including the hiring process. On the other hand, job seekers are now also looking for jobs online. Hence, online recruitment is undeniably the latest trend in the corporate world. Online recruitment is a way of sourcing candidates using an online platform. It has different forms and the best job posting platform is online job boards.

Supreme Hiring is one of the best job posting websites because it has a built applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM software. Through our website and online job board, resume search and job posting and tracking now comes easy.

Online recruitment software helps both employers and job seekers source out the data and posting they need. By using this, an employer can recruit prospective talents without going over stacks of resumes and manually sorting them to come up with a shortlist of candidates for interview and evaluation.

The online recruitment software has eight (8) main features which are keys to efficient hiring and convenient job seeking. The eight main features are as follows:

1.Resume Management
2.Applicant Tracking
3.Careers Site Management
4.Security System
5.Recruitment Automation
6.Sourcing Candidates

Now, let’s explore these features so that you will have an idea of how it works and how it will help you get the best out of every job application and posting.

Resume Management

Each time you mark a resume or a job seeker submits a resume, the recruitment software will serve as a resume database. Then the applicant tracking system will manage each profile in every stage of the hiring process. Aside from this, the job board software will help you out if you are looking for a candidate with a specific set of skills. Extensively search the whole database without any hassle. The applicant tracking system can do advanced tasks like detecting duplicate identities and merge them.

Applicant Tracking

The applicant tracking system is a built-in feature of Supreme Hiring. It gives you updates on the candidate’s application status. The ATS can also evaluate every candidate further by assessing them through questions to know more about them more than what they have provided in their resume. By this, you can validate if they are fit for the job or they have what it takes to be in that position. If you are hiring multiple positions for different departments, the tracking system will help you organize and match every applicant through customized recruitment software.

Careers Site Management

One of the best ways to source out applicants is by using virtual job fair software. This allows employers to post jobs online. Using job board software, you can also use this as one of your job ad sites. Make use of this to promote your company and give applicants an idea of what it is like to be with your company.

Security System

In the course of the recruitment process, there are private matters and sensitive topics to be discussed like salary negotiations and results of evaluations. Be comfortable to talk over these things without worrying about privacy. Supreme Hiring’s online job board software has a customized security system. It asks permission in every request for specific data.

Recruitment Automation

Experience hassle-free recruitment with Supreme Hiring. Our recruitment system generates auto-responses to even hundreds of applicants at a time. Appreciate every applicant without wasting too much time in typing and sending messages. Do not worry over multiple applications because the system can replicate the entire flow from sourcing, reviewing, and scheduling.

Sourcing Candidates

Each time you open a job post, applications vary from time to time. There are times that resumes are flooding and there are times, there are a few interested. Thus, you need Supreme Hiring’s recruitment software, source out candidates on different platforms, and attract the best applicant in a click. Broadcast your job openings through or job board or list jobs through email forwarding using our professional email templates.


Reports are one of the most tiring paperwork to do. When deadlines are close and you have to review a stack of resumes, Supreme Hiring is here to help you out. Generate your reports and beat every deadline with our recruitment CRM software. Enjoy generating detailed reports without violating federal laws. Our software is compliant with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and we make sure that your company treats every resume objectively and without any discrimination.


Calling and emailing multiple candidates for different positions and departments is a mind-boggling task. Sometimes you’ll commit mistakes and could cause delays. Let the ATS and CRM software do the scheduling for you. Meet and greet every candidate and know them beyond what is written in the resume. Collect every interview feedback and make the right decision.


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