Applicant Tracking System: Every Opportunity Matters

Why do you need an Applicant Tracking System?

Managing human resources, the recruitment process, and other hiring needs is a long and tiring task. Thus, with the advent of technology, companies are now using an applicant tracking system. This recruiting software helps companies review, organize, and shortlist a large number of applicants.

Once a company posts available positions on job posting boards, applications are flooding in the form of resumes. It would be a waste of time and resources to go over this one by one. Hence, applicant tracking software is a need nowadays for every company. Supreme Hiring is an online job posting website with built-in applicant tracking software. ATS keeps human resource managers organized and efficient to come up with a shortlist. Supreme Hiring uses ATS to give solutions to every company struggle regarding resume search.

Supreme Hiring’s built-in ATS is a resume database software. It segregates the good and qualifies resumes from the unqualified ones depending on the requirements set by the employer for the position. The ATS free big companies from the hundred stack of paper resumes and emails, especially when they post multiple job openings in various departments.

The applicant tracking software of Supreme Hiring is also a CRM software. It is a smart and systematic system that connects employers to candidates. The user has instant and direct access to the real-time data they need. In addition, the integrated CRM system is proven to maximize every content in the resume and is able to select the best candidate in the pool.

How does ATS works

The Applicant Tracking Software makes the hiring process fast yet reliable. Every stage of the recruitment is recorded with a corresponding comprehensive report. It simplifies the selecting process over thousand resumes, picking the right and most qualified candidate.
In a glance, with Supreme Hiring’s Applicant Tracking System, the employer can:

  • View all qualified resumes for the open position
  • Automatically rejects unqualified resumes
  • Compare resume according to standards, or sort out resumes in terms of location and vocation
  • Check and match resumes for specific requirements or skills required in highly technical positions
  • Give feedback as to the status and standing of the candidate’s application
  • Generate a shortlist of candidates
  • Notify applicants for interview and final selection

The best thing about having an applicant tracking system (ATS) is it saves the companies’ time and administrative resources in performing every step of the recruitment process, starting from screening, sorting, notifying and selecting candidates. The job can now be done by a single person instead of a group. The company can assign other tasks to the other employees and accomplish other things aside from hiring. In addition, the smart selection feature of Supreme Hiring’s applicant tracking system and CRM software finds the most suitable candidate as soon as possible and can immediately address the needs of the company. This is a very convenient way to improve the company’s candidate experience and be able to access all data you need, anytime and anywhere.

Supreme Hiring is committed to provide the most advanced and efficient job posting platform. Go paperless with our ATS and CRM software and do not miss every opportunity to select the best-fit candidate. Let go of the tiring and costly process of recruiting.

In a glance, these are the reports that an ATS and CRM software can generate for an employer:

It builds a candidate pipeline, where all candidates that are interested and qualified for the job are listed. If they are pipelined, meaning they are qualified because they have the experience, skills and traits that you are looking for.

It facilitates various rounds in the midst of the recruitment process, namely the screening, telephone and on-site interview, background and skill check and the reference check. All these rounds are automatically done by the recruitment system for you.

It provides you who are selected, who are hired and declined candidates. The declined candidates can also be archived for future hiring reference or back up.


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